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Mathieu Dupuis
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Mathieu Dupuis

National Geographic photographer Mathieu Dupuis is often on the road to capture moments in breathtaking landscapes. He was introduced to photography at an early age, partly through his father, who was an amateur photographer and who developed his black and white photos at home, and partly by flipping through a host of National Geographic magazines in hospital waiting rooms, having spent several years in them. It goes without saying that intensive reading of these magazines ignited a boundless passion in the photographer!

Inspired by photographers such as Ansel Admans, Sebastiao Salgado et Yann Arthus Bertrand, to name but a few. Mathieu has a soft spot for photojournalism. His photographic style touches on everything from portraits of local people in their surroundings to capturing a sunrise in a serene landscape. The working conditions in which Mathieu operates when he takes pictures are often difficult, which allows him to always adapt and therefore evolve in his photographic style. Moreover, Mathieu emphasizes that photography should not be chosen as a profession, but rather as a way of life and to invest oneself 100% in it. According to him, to make a career out of it, you have to be ready to make great sacrifices and invest yourself with full knowledge of the circumstances.

During his photographic getaways, he often travels across the province in his work truck with his Canon full-frame camera, equipped with fixed focal length lenses, which he describes as his photographic safety net. Mathieu finds inspiration for his shots through his instinct. Being very spontaneous by nature, he allows himself to be carried away by the opportunities that come his way. Without a doubt, photography is a lifestyle for this photographer from Abitibi-Témiscamingue for whom each image has its own story. Sometimes, he finds it difficult to integrate his life into the practice of photography, but in all truth, the photographer excels in this field.

In terms of his photographic accomplishments, Mathieu Dupuis is not able to put his finger on a single photo that makes him prouder, but rather he puts the emphasis on certain series of photos from photo reports or large projects. He gives as an example photos from the "Beautiful Cities" project where he visited 30 cities in 100 days. As such, Mathieu always has thousands of projects in his head when it comes to photography.

You can follow him on his social media to find out what his next adventure will be!



Alexis Pageau

Alexis Caron-Pageau was introduced to photography at a very young age, always travelling with his camera. Not having studied in the field, it is over the years and through travel that he developed his photographic eye. For him, photography is a way to live his passion for fishing. By taking pictures of his travels and collaborating with companies in the business, he has managed to combine work and pleasure.

The photography styles that fascinate him are, without a doubt, Portrait and Nature. For Alexis, a face is unique and meaningful, but it is especially in the eyes that one can feel, according to him, a person's emotion and experience, which gives the essence of a portrait. Moreover, nature has always fascinated him, since he perceives it as being so fragile yet so strong.

Fortunately, photography is both his passion and his work, but he also has other passions that allow him to let go, drawing inspiration from them to create his photographic work. Alexis points out that he couldn't be as creative if he had to capture subjects that don't resonate with him. Because the industry is so competitive, he has to push himself hard to stand out from the crowd.

The young photographer, a nature lover, appreciates the work of many other photographers, but it is mostly the individuals he meets during his getaways - people with exceptional stories - that inspire him. With this approach, he wishes to keep his work honest and preserve his identity in his pictures. In fact, one of the photos that makes him most proud of his work is one he took during a summer on a tributary of the Miramichi River: a fly fisherman captured moments after a severe storm. Over the years, Alexis has taken hundreds of thousands of pictures and only a handful have proven to be perfect in his eyes, both technically and compositionally. The photo of the angler is perfect in his eyes and highlights one of his greatest passions.

Alexis advice for anyone wanting to launch a career in photography is to always work with passion. According to him, photographing subjects or scenes without passion does makes it impossible for a photographer to compete with true enthusiasts.

Over the next few months, you can follow Alexis Caron-Pageau as he embarks on a collaborative project with Hooké, which aims to change the perception of hunting in Quebec!



Valérie Derôme-Massé

Valérie Derome-Massé did not study photography, but rather architecture. Nevertheless, she has always had a strong interest in imagery, which has naturally drawn her into photography. Having learned everything by herself by spending a lot of time in the outdoors, it quickly became a passion. As photography became a way of life for her, she always feels a little lost without her camera at hand. She has therefore decided to make it a big part of her life, despite it not constituting 100% of her career.

A few years ago, the young photographer got into the habit of going for walks in the forest near her family's cottage in the Laurentians. There, she became particularly attached to the animals she came across every now and then. She developed her specialty, and thus her comfort zone: animal photography.

It is in nature that she finds her inspiration. She is drawn to subjects - more specifically animal subjects - that stand out with a textured or coloured background. Valérie has refined her style over time, constantly questioning herself about her techniques in order to improve and push her art further.

The wildlife photographer does not feel the need to shoot every day. She prefers to take the time to plan her photo outings according to the weather, the desired ambiance and a specific location. According to her, once we realize that a certain hobby brings us happiness and balance, it becomes easy to find a place for it in our lives. She also believes that in order to find the motivation to go on a photo getaway, it is essential to create a network. To her, even if photography remains a more solitary hobby for some people, it is always good to be able to share it with others.

In this vein, Valérie is mainly inspired by photographers who are not in the field of animal photography, in order to apply their techniques to her own subjects - animals. In this way, she hopes to create a little magic in her images. She loves the work of Ben Sasso, a portrait photographer who works mainly on the West Coast, and who, she believes, pushes her art to the limit.

One of the pictures she is most proud of is probably the one of a fox in the forest. Just when she thought she was going home empty-handed, after a day of taking pictures in the woods, that fox showed up in front of her. Valérie had a total of twelve seconds to immortalize her encounter with the animal, during which she had a speechless communication and a bond with a normally extremely difficult animal to approach. This photo sums up nicely these two elements of animal photography which Valerie finds fascinating. According to her, in this field, we trap in time a moment that lasted only a few microseconds. She also loves the challenge of this type of photography because it requires calm, patience, preparation, and speed, all at the same time.

Valérie is currently wondering how she could take her wildlife photography a step further. She is fascinated by animal portraits and would love to continue to expand her collection of portraits by visiting other countries and climates.



David Mamàn

David Mamàn is a young photographer from Montreal who studied in... Mechanical Engineering! Not having studied in the field, he discovered his love for photography through his passion for travel. Killing two birds with a stone, his new love for photography made him a better explorer and he immediately embraced the combination.

Photography has allowed him to find a way to do something he loves in life without stopping traveling. In 2014, David travelled around the world and when he returned to Quebec, he held an expo at the Old Port of Montreal, which he had funded through a kickstarter. Seeing all these strangers looking at his photos, discussing them, reading and re-reading the short story that accompanied each of them, David was carried away by an indescribable feeling that drove him to continue along this path.

Working mainly a mixture of human dimensions in nature photos, the photographer claims that every sphere of photography is equally interesting. They allow him to learn different things, whether through culinary or event photography for example, which he can then apply to his portraits and landscapes.

David says the photo that makes him most proud of his work now is a picture of an erupting volcano in Guatemala. He had always dreamed of seeing one, but it had never happened, despite the fact that he had visited about 15 of them before. One night he was camped not far from the special volcano and he saw it erupt about ten times. He was so excited to finally be able to take this picture that he couldn't get himself to sleep!

David has managed to fully integrate photography into his life through projects, dreams, practice, and encounters. One thing leading to another, photography eventually integrated itself into his daily life, thanks to various contracts and projects. He is inspired by photographers such as Jannick Obenhoff, a young 18-year-old German photographer with impressive talent, in addition to closely following what is happening in the Quebec scene.

David’s advice for anyone who wants to launch their career in photography is that they should have an unwavering passion for the field. That way, even in the least exciting times, their passion will give them the strength to keep going.

He says that working in an artistic field such as photography requires talent, but also a lot of dedication, discipline and sacrifice! In the end, the desire to face new challenges will be fulfilled!

In the coming months, you can follow David on his various trips to El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Arizona, Chicago, and Austria.



Catherine Simard

Catherine Simard began her career in photography about ten years ago as a model and then moved on to fashion design. Despite the fact that photography has always been a part of her life, it is in travelling that she really developed her passion for landscape photography. Not having studied in the field, she learned all about the subject through Youtube videos and by applying the trial and error method, coupled with perseverance.

Having always believed that it was possible to combine passion and career in any field, the transition to photography came naturally to Catherine. Without a doubt, the photographer prefers landscape photography, which she believes requires a certain amount of work and dedication. She says that it is one of the few things that makes her lose track of time and thrills her, as she sometimes has to fly, bus and walk for several days just to take a single shot. To her, it's all the work she puts into it and the story behind one shot that adds so much to its value.

In order to find inspiration and get a general idea for her next photo escapes, Catherine likes to consult Instagram or 500px to look at the work of other nature and landscape photographers. This allows her to know what the place looks like before she goes there, to maximize her time for light, and to get an idea of the compositions she will be able to make. She then chooses her destinations according to her preferences and her style of photography.

Max Rives is one of the most inspiring photographers for her, as he spends a lot of time finding new, remote and seldom photographed places. His post-production work also inspires her, as it is extremely complex and refined. She is also inspired by the work of photographers Benjamin Hardman and Donald Boyd for their minimalist and geometric styles.

Catherine is heavily invested in the making of each of her images and in the composition of their stories, which makes her proud of all of her current work. She hopes to be able to convey an emotion and a sense of wonder with each of her photos. In this light, Catherine is very proud of a photo taken at Spirit Island during a sunset, which has earned her more than 24,000 likes on Instagram, at the time of writing.

Catherine's advice for anyone who would like to pursue a career in photography is that it is important to remain open to criticism while still taking the time to listen to yourself. She adds that it's important to never stop learning and to be aware that going into photography is also going into business.

When in Quebec, Catherine tries to diversify her work by giving photo workshops and private courses in photography. When she's travelling, she creates content for various companies, develops workshops and takes some time for herself to take the pictures she wants.