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September 8th, 2021

By Alexandra Khoury


The new school year means a photo to keep those beautiful moments as a souvenir! In order for the school photo to go as smoothly as possible for your child, take the time to read these 5 tips suggested by Alexandra Khoury, photographer and manager of the Atelier Photo in our Montreal store.

Tip #1 - Choose your child's clothes according to the background chosen by the photographer

It is important to find out in advance what color background the photographer will use. To find out, ask the school administration before the day of the event, as this is information that the photographer usually communicates in advance. It is preferable to choose a different color of clothing than the background so that your child stands out from the background. For example, if the background is white, choose a darker color to contrast well with the background.

PRO TIP: If the photographer uses a greenscreen background, it is best to avoid wearing green. This will avoid retouching errors and will facilitate the photographer's work in post-production.

Tip #2 - Bring a spare change of clothes

If your child is among the first to come by in the morning, you're in luck! However, if he or she comes by at the end of the day, a lot can happen before the photo is taken... Grass stains on the knees, spaghetti sauce on the shirt, and so on. It is therefore preferable to bring at least one spare shirt in case of incident or simply ask your child to change into his or her photo clothes right before the photo.

Tip #3 - Opt for a natural smile

Many children tend not to smile or to give a forced smile when taking the picture. Even though as a photographer we do our best to make them smile, since our face is unfamiliar to them, it is hard to create a bond in a short period of time and it can be intimidating for them. Also, if the child is not prepared, they may be taken by surprise. To avoid this, you can practice smiling at home and the child will likely arrive more confident.

Tip #4 - Take advantage of the digital file

With most school photo companies, it is possible to purchase only the digital photo and have your photos printed by yourself. This is a solution that allows you to choose your printing mediums and is also more economical. At the Atelier Photo, our photo labs available in each of our stores and on our website, you can upload your child's photo and choose how you want your photo printed from a variety of options:

- Coffee mug
- Travel bottle
- Mouse pad
- Magnet
- Photo decoration (frame, acrylic, canvas, metal, laminate, etc)

And much more!

If you want to print paper photos for the whole family, our prepaid print card will be the best option for you to save the most money! This card offers volume discounts on your prints that will give you between 50% and 70% off standard photo paper of any size.
Go directly to our website under the Laboratory tab, to order or for more information.

Tip #5 - Have fun!

The most important thing is that the whole school photo experience is fun and simple. If your child comes to the photo without pressure, the experience will go much better for him or her.