By André Rolemberg

March 24th, 2021

If you’re like me, you might be shooting photos constantly on whatever camera you have in your hands. Then you get super excited to sort through them, finding the best ones, and editing them until they look just amazing. Some are so good you feel like you want to do something more with them outside of the digital world of your hard drive and decorate a wall with them.

But how do you get around deciding what exactly to do with your printed photographs? Or even, in which between the various formats would you print your photo? Thinking ahead and looking for creative ways to decorate your home can reveal that in fact you don’t always have to print an amazing landscape or architectural shots to add an artistic touch to your living room decoration (or any room in your house!)

Here are 4 home decor ideas for you to start working on using your own photographs!

Beazy, Unsplash
Large Format Prints

Your Home is Your Gallery

While some walls would look great with that one picture you took in a national park last fall, it is still only one photo. What if you have multiple ones you like that you want to see hanging on walls around your house? 

An option is to print smaller photos of different or the same format (landscape, portrait, or square) and arrange them in a creative way. You can make your own mural, and choose from several themes to place the photos: family, trips, nature, street, etc. You can even choose to have some in a frame and leave some only as a canvas to emphasize a more significant shot.

Another great advantage of smaller photo print sizes: you can print photos taken on your smartphone with no problem at all in image quality!

Sebastian Cyrman, Unsplash
Photo prints of various sizes

Forget About Wall Art

You don’t always have to print photos to hang them on walls. Think about everywhere else in your house that could be embellished by photography: coffee tables, counters, centre tables, pianos, fireplaces. Anywhere where you can place a photo standing or leaning against something is an option for home decoration.

Consider the various ways you can print a photo, as it doesn't always have to be on paper. Block prints, metal prints, lamination, wood panels, are solid and can be placed leaning against a wall or something else, which adds a different feel than just hanging on the wall. Even coasters and magnets with a cute design or photo on them can look great. Make some of your own instead of buying them on your next tourism vacation!

DIY Projects

Want to go for a more instagram cozy home decoration aesthetic? Try out not even using frames, and hanging your photos in creative ways: on strings, on cork boards, wooden planks, string lights or christmas lights that you basically only use once a year (give them more purpose!)

You could also try a mosaic with your photos, making shapes made out of several small print photos. Retro style photos are the best for this type of job, since they have their own paper frame where you can even write a note on them! Plus, with this kind of home decor style, you can also move them around, switch the photos, and have a lot more flexibility in general. You can have a different gallery every year after a family vacation, or plan to keep adding photos of your children as they grow older!

Louis-Charles Bourgeois
Retro Prints

Make Your Own Books

Photo books are great for living room decoration. I can think of many friends that have a couple sitting on their coffee tables in their living rooms. But since you are already shooting so much and have so many pictures you love that you would consider printing to decorate your own home, why not make your own books?

Compile some of your photos within a certain theme like “Family Summer in Cuba 2018” or “Fall at Gaspésie 2019,” or even more abstract themes such as “Street photography study.” Make a book that not only will be stunningly beautiful, but also personally meaningful to you, that you would love to show your friends and family when they come over.

Éliane Turgy
Personalised Photo Books


The sky's the limit! These are but a few options to help you think outside of the box and see the world of possibilities when it comes to decorating your home. Just keep exploring and looking at all ways you can transform your photos into amazing home decor to showcase your passion!

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