By Andre Rolemberg

June 10, 2020

The first step is defining what do you want to use it for. Photography and illustration require different kinds of printers to get the end result out with the best quality! It is also important to figure out how big you want your prints to be, as you will need bigger printer for larger jobs. 

And for larger jobs, you also will need to know about a key part of a printer: resolution! Now this can get very technical and complicated very quickly so you may want to ask an expert to help you with your specific needs. The important thing to keep in mind is that the value you are looking for is DPI, or dots-per-inch, which will define how detailed your image will be. 

The second step, is to figure out how much will you use the printer. This will affect how many times you will need to purchase ink cartridges. Remember that if you are printing a lot, investing more in a bigger, better printer will surely come at a better price in the long run! You don’t want to catch yourself buying a new cartridge every two weeks.

The third step is knowing what kind of paper you want to use. Some printers can’t print on certain papers. They may even get damaged if the paper is not compatible! So think about what are going to be your projects: documents? photography? graphic design? Any artistic or promotional purpose for which you want to consider a variety of kinds? Figuring how you are going to use will save you lots of headaches and you will know you made a good investment! It is also advisable to try several papers in order to choose the right one to obtain the desired finish. With this in mind, paper sample sets will be your allies!

These are simple steps that can assure you get the best printer for your needs!

BONUS TIP: printers are made for printing, so an idle printer can also be damaged by lack of use. Print something at least once a week to make sure the printer stays on top performance for when you really need it! If you print only once in a while, consider getting it done in a Photo Lab, like ours. It may truly be the best and cheapest option for you!

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