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By Marie-Pier Houde

December 14th, 2020


Usually at this time of year, we are coordinating our travel and schedules so that we can see all of our family and friends during the short holiday season. Even if we can't celebrate the holidays like we would have liked this year, we can't afford to miss this opportunity to celebrate with our family! This year, we suggest that you organize virtual dinners and parties with your loved ones to celebrate the holiday season!

Whether it's with a new camera, a tripod or a ringlight, we offer you in this article all the solutions you need to celebrate together and immortalize some precious moments with your family.

Avoid The Cacophony

Nothing worse than the cacophony of a conference with several speakers. To avoid headaches at family dinners, make sure the sound is clear and unidirectional. That way, children can still play in the living room without your virtual guests losing the thread of conversation. If you have a camera with which you can hold video conferences, we recommend the Sennheiser MKE 200 Microphone. If you want a microphone that connects directly to your computer, opt for a stand-mounted model, such as the Thronmax MDrill Dome Plus USB Microphone. For people who prefer to use their tablet or cell phone, we suggest a Saramonic SmartMic+ Microphone.

Find The Right Microphone For Your Situation

Take Advantage of Adequate Lighting

Filming a dinner can be a lighting puzzle; the fixtures above our tables only illuminate a certain ray and often this light is very yellow and unflattering. To avoid having half of the family in the dark, we recommend a few small spotlights that will remedy the situation.

Make Sure The Whole Family is Seen

Sometimes the tight spaces of our dining rooms can make the task of framing complex. To make it easier, here are some solutions to help you :

If you use your computer for your video conference, choose a wide-angle webcam, such as the Thronmax X1 Stream Go 1080p. That way, even if you have a space issue and it's pretty close to the subject, you'll still see the whole, or at least a good part of the room.

In the same vein, if you want to use your camera for your virtual party, consider using a wide-angle lens and a capture card. The latter will allow you to connect your camera directly to your computer and use it as a webcam!

Finally, if you want to use your cell phone to broadcast your dinner party with your family, opt for a tripod that will allow you to move the camera away from you, while leaving your hands free to unwrap your gifts!

Who says Christmas 2020 shouldn't be a memorable event? Happy Holidays to all!


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