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July 12th, 2021

By Michèle Grenier 

Do you dream of seeing your favorite images decorating the walls of your home? Follow these simple steps to prepare your photo prints and make that dream a reality today!

photo printingMy choice of print: the portrait of my godson pulling stones near the St-Lawrence river.
Michèle Grenier
Sony a9 + 55mm f/1.8 ZA
1/10000s  |  f/1.8  |  ISO 100

Step 1: Choosing The Right Photos

Nothing is more exciting than imagining your images in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom! Which ones will best compliment the ambiance of your apartment? What important memories would you like to highlight? What colors and textures resonate with you?

Step 2: Preparing The Files

photo printing
If the print size is different from that of the original photograph, adjust the size of the photo.

Cropping to The Proper Size (Ratio)

This is a very simple and quick step that can be done using any post-production software. In this example, I am printing a sublimation on metal of 11x14 inches. Many products (laminate, Fine Art paper, posters, canvas, acrylic...) and formats are available - horizontal, vertical or square.

photo printingProcessing is optional. You can have any photo printed in JPEG format directly from your camera/cell phone if you wish.
(Personally, I like to use the Luminar AI software to create a unique style of fine-tuning certain details).

General Photo Processing (Optional)

Use processing software to emphasize/enhance/correct certain elements of the photo. Pay special attention to highlighted zones and very dark shadows and correct them as needed. (If they are totally white and/or black, they will have no detail in the print).

photo printing
I exported my file in JPEG in its original size (previously cropped to 11x14).

File Resolution

For maximum print quality, it is suggested to use an image with a resolution of at least 150 dpi. The color spaces can be either sRGB or Adobe RGB. JPEG is the most common file format for printing.

photo printing
Une fois le fichier prêt à être téléchargé, il ne reste qu'à choisir le produit et la dimension désirée ! Le reste se fait de façon automatisée.

Step 3: Placing Your Order

The software on Gosselin's website is very easy to use. Select the desired product, follow the instructions on the screen and proceed to checkout!

photo printing

photo printing
The final result of the sublimation on metal. Beautiful, vibrant, glossy colors that add life (and love) to this beautiful playroom!

Hang it up And Smile!

Having your photos printed is the perfect opportunity to immortalize precious memories and add style to your home decor. It gives a great sense of pride and accomplishment... and it's also a unique and ultra meaningful gift idea for our loved ones! So what are you waiting for? Get out your hammer, put in a little nail... and smile! 

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