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May 15, 2020


Following an idea brought forward by our President, the Gosselin team wanted to find a way to help as much as possible the elderly who are presently confined in CHSLDs, but we also wanted to make sure that this could last over time, even after the current crisis is over.

It was then that one of our employees mentioned that their sister worked in the Residential and Long-Term Care Centres network (CHSLD), for adults whose independence decrease prevents them from living on their own. 

This was the answer our team was looking for. The store directors started to work towards their goal and started getting in touch with various Centres in their regions. The objective was to provide the residents with a way to stay in touch with their loved ones and minimizing the feeling of loneliness from being in a lock-down restriction for their own safety. The means of helping was by giving electronic tablets to the Centres for communication purposes with video. No matter what our area of expertise, we can serve others!

Some criteria needed to be met to guarantee this would be in the best interest to the residents: the Centre must have wifi access inside the building and there must be a person available to facilitate the use of the tablet and communication. Finally, ten Centres located close to our stores were selected and shared 26 iPads and Smartcovers so that their residents could more easily communicate with family and friends!

Here's the list of the Centres:
- CHSLD de Rigaud, Rigaud
- CHSLD Les loggias Villa Val des Arbres, Laval
- CHSLD Des Patriotes, St-Eustaches
- CHSLD Vigi Brossard, Brossard
- CHSLD Champlain, Brossard
- CHSLD Côté-Jardin, Québec
- CHSLD Jardins du Haut Saint-Laurent, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures
- Manoir St-Armand, Québec
- Résidence Richelieu, Trois-Rivières
- Résidence La Belle Époque, Trois-Rivières

The biggest reward was for our team to receive comments and gratitude as well as a photo taken in one of these CHSLDs, with the iPad in their hands.  #thankyou #itsgoingtobealright

Photo : CHSLD Les Loggias Villa Val des Arbres, Laval