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EF25 II Extension Tube MFR #: 9199A001 | Gosselin #: 1011522

Canon EF25 II Extension Tube

MFR #: 9199A001 | Gosselin #: 1011522
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  • Extension tube
  • Compatible with all Canon TS-E, Canon EF-S and Canon EF lenses
  • Maintains electronic functions such as autofocus
Bague d'extension, tube allonge Compatible avec tou les objectifs Canon TS-E Canon, lentilles Canon EF-S, Canon EF lenses Converse les fonctions de mise au point
Close up accessory which maintains full electronic coupling between the camera body and lens, often providing greater magnification than is possible with close-up lenses. Can be used with most EF lenses; ideal for nature photography with single focal length telephotos. Manual focusing is recommended. Magnification for standard zoom lenses is about 0.7x or more.