Canon EOS R

30.3 megapixels30.3 Megapixels Full-frame CMOS Sensor

iso 40000Excellent Low-Light Performance

Dual Pixel AutoFocus CMOSSharp Focus Within 0.05 Sec.

DIGIC8Great Performance and Impressive Results

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New RF Mount

At the heart of the EOS R system lies the amazing RF mount. It’s newly designed to deliver the ideal combination of speed, durability and flexibility in optical design for excellent performance and future system expansion.

The large diameter and decreased distance between the rear lens element and sensor enable a compelling combination of image quality, performance and compact lens design.

A 12 pin connection between the camera and lens means communication at a higher speed with larger amounts of data transfer, enabling incredibly fast AF, high IS and image optimization.


Compatibility with EF/EF-S Lenses

Mount adapters deliver seamless connections between the EOS R camera and EF and EF-S lenses with all functions intact. Offering L series level weather and dust sealing, they are even compatible with EF extenders, to extend your camera’s optical reach


Incredible image quality and impressive performance

Not only can Canon's 30.3 megapixels CMOS full-frame sensors capture a tremendous amount of information at a full 24x35mm, but they can also capture large individual pixels for great quality detail and low noise, with the DIGIC 8 Image Processor.

Full-frame sensors excel in low light, as their physical size helps ensure high light sensitivity. This means superb, clean and detailed images at high ISOs, plus impressive handheld performance in a variety of situations.


Amazing Autofocus

The EOS R camera’s AF system features an incredible 5,655 manually selectable AF points. Combined with a focus area that covers approx. 88% horizontal and 100% vertical when using RF lenses and select EF lenses, this AF system helps ensure swift and accurate focus no matter where your subject is located in the frame.