Sony Day - Conferences and A7R III Free Trial


Gosselin Photo Store
Satyrday, June 9  // 10am. to 5pm.

Come meet the speakers and a Sony representative on this Sony Day at our Gosselin Photo Store in Laval!

All day, it will be possible to try the brand new Sony A7R III and also ask all your technical questions to the representative Pierre Villeneuve. In addition, come enjoy Sony promotions!

11h00 // Landscape Photography, at Home and Abroad (in French) by Laurent Lucuix
Do you want to improve your landscape photography, whether it’s around the corner or around the world. Learn how to make stronger compositions, create different photos from the same location with in-camera functions, and learn to use light to create a specific atmosphere. Join Laurent Lucuix and explore Landscape Photography with someone whose work is used by Tourisme Quebec, Tourisme Montérégie, Parks Canada, and various travel guides in Quebec, France and worldwide. 

13h00 // The Ten Minute Portrait (in English) by Chris Roussakis
Spend an afternoon learning a multitude of lighting setups from Ottawa Commercial and Advertising Photographer, Chris Roussakis. Roussakis jumped into the photo scene by chasing politicians on Parliament Hill as a photojournalist, where he was quick to learn how to get great photos in a short amount of time. This session will explore one- and two-light setups and how to achieve magazine quality lighting techniques that can be set up in a pinch. A wide arrange of modifiers will also be explained and demonstrated in hopes of inspiring you to challenge how you shape light on your next gig.

It will also be possible to know a little more and try the Manfrotto tripods and bags with the representative Guy Valiquette!