Payment & Pricing

Payment Methods

Gosselin accepts the following payment methods:

  • Cash (in store only)
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal (online only)
  • Gosselin Gift Card
  • Prepaid Photo Card (for prints, in store only)

You may use more than one payment method for your purchase, except for Paypal that cannot be combined with any other method.

Card Security Code (CSC)

You will be asked to provide a CSC when checking out your online purchases. This is a security code printed in the back of your credit card (Cisa and MasterCard):

MasterCard et Visa

When does Gosselin debit your account?

When you place an order online, funds are transfered to Gosselin immediately from your credit card or PayPal account, allowing us to process your order quickly.

Sales tax

According to current legislation, the applicable taxes amount is added to your order total based on the tax rate corresponding to your delivery address.

Quebec 5% GST + 9.75% QST
Ontario 13% HST
New Brunswick 15% HST
Prince Edward Island 15% HST
Nova Scotia 15% HST
Newfoundland & Labrador 15% HST
Other Provinces & Territories 5% GST