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Beautiful Prints Made in our Photo Lab

Have your photos printed at Gosselin for a professional look! Whether taken on your camera or cell phone or downloaded from social media, your shots will be printed by our experts on genuine archive-quality photographic paper for a beautiful result.

Pricing - Popular Sizes

 4 x 6
 5 x 7
 8 x 10
 11 x 14
 12 x 18 $10.00

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Stunning Effect

Photos 12 x 18 in. or smaller are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type CA (formerly Type II) photographic paper, in glossy or matte finish. This paper, one of the best for silver halide printing in the lab, lasts around 60 years if placed under glass, preserving your beloved memory for decades. Faithfully reproducing the rich textures and crispness of your images while preserving natural skin tones, it will make your photos come alive!   

Choice of Paper

For all prints larger than 12 x 18 in., several types of inkjet paper are available. Selection may vary from store to store.  

Printing on Canon Satin Photo Paper, 240gsm
This paper, which lasts around 80 years when placed under glass, is designed for art reproductions and exhibition-quality prints. Expect saturated colours, optimal colour gradation and a crystal-clear image.

Printing on Canon Water-Resistant Matte Canvas, 400gsm
This paper, which lasts an incredible 100 or so years when varnished, is ideal for art reproductions and prints meant to last. A cotton-polyester blend with superior-quality coating, it has a water-resistant matte surface. Thanks to its authentic canvas construction, it can be stretched and mounted on a wood frame, turning your photos into true works of art.  

Printing on Dura Textiles Canvas
This 100% cotton paper, which lasts around 100 years when varnished, is designed to produce the best image quality for art reproduction and photography. It offers high saturation, a wide range of colours and good reproduction of vivid colours. This canvas meets the most exacting requirements, facilitating artistic creativity and producing professional-quality results. The coating is highly resistant to cracking and is very flexible, keeping it from collapsing during framing.

Printing on Fujifilm Premium Inkjet Photo Paper, Ultra-Gloss Canvas
This natural white paper, which lasts around 100 years when varnished, is ideal for portraits, nature photography and art reproduction. A cotton-polyester blend, its ultra-glossy surface produces an oil-paint effect even before varnish is applied. The surface acts as a barrier between the fiber base and glossy, microporous coating to better preserve the details and sharpness of your image while offering a greater range of tones and exceptional maximum density.

Important Information

Formats & Ratio

This table will help you better understand the difference between the available formats and ratios.

Formats et ratio photo

Technical Specs
To get the best results whe we print your photos, we recommend you provide us with files that follow these guidelines:

  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • Cropping: to print format or proper ratios
  • Prefered Color Space: sRGB
  • File Format for 12x18 and Smaller: uncompressed JPG
  • File Format for 16x20 and Larger: uncompressed JPG or TIFF
  • Color Depth: 8-bit

Quick & Easy

Two ways to order your prints:


Order beautiful prints of your fondest memories online, from the comfort of your home. Our technicians will carefully process your order and have it ready for you to pick up in store within three hours. If you want your prints even faster, advise your Gosselin store by telephone. 

In Store
While you sip a hot beverage and your little ones enjoy our game corner, use our photo terminals in store. Our devoted personnel will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Shipping Options

  • Free shipping via Canada Post (3 to 5 business days) on all orders of $49.00 or more before taxes.
  • $6.95 shipping fee on all orders of less than $49.00.
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Small Size
2.5 x 3.5 $0.40
3.5 x 5 $0.40
4 x 5.33 $0.40
4 x 4 $0.40
4 x 6 $0.40
4 x 7 $0.70
4 x 12 $1.00
5 x 5 $1.40
5 x 7 $1.40
6 x 8 $1.80
8 x 10 $3.00
8 x 12 $3.50
10 x 15 $7.00
11 x 14 $9.00
12 x 18 $10.00
Large Size
8 x 24 $14.00
12 x 36 $30.00
16 x 20  $22.00
16 x 24 $27.00
20 x 24 $34.00
20 x 30 $42.00
24 x 30 $50.00
24 x 36 $60.00
36 x 60 $150.00
Instagram Size (Square)
4 x 4 $0.40
5 x 5 $1.40
6 x 6 $1.50
8 x 8 $2.40
10 x 10 $3.70
12 x 12 $5.00