Video Transfer

You have to bring your tapes or cassettes in store to have them transfered

Video / Audio Transfer

Have old 8-mm or 16-mm film reels, VHS cassettes or mixtapes lying around? We can digitize and transfer them to CD or DVD for you.

Relive hours of wonderful memories! 


Per Transfer *  Starting at $34.95
Extra Copy to Share $9.95
* Depending on the source. See prices below.


Detailed Pricing & Important Information

Video Cassette Transfer
  • We accept VHS, VHS-C, sVHS, Hi8, Digital 8, miniDV, MicroMC, BetaMax, Beta SP, and MiniDVD.
  • A DVD can contain the equivalent of one or two cassettes (maximum two hours.)
  • The price includes conversion and transfer to DVD.
Transfer to a DVD
2 hours of tape $34.95
Extra DVD copy to share $9.95
Cassette repair $14.95


Adio Tape Transfer
  • One CD can contain the contents of one audio tape (maximum 70 minutes.)
  • The price includes converting and transferring to a CD.
Transfer to a CD
70 minutes of tape $34.95
Extra CD copy to share  $9.95


Reel Transfer
  • We accept 8-mm, Super 8-mm and 16-mm film reels.
  • A DVD can contain up to 1,000 feet of film (maximum two hours).
  • For each transfer to DVD, add digitization fees, calculated per foot of film.
Transfer to DVD
 2 hours of film $34.95
     + digitization fee, per foot $0.20
     + fee if audio reel, per foot $0.07
 Extra DVD copy to share $9.95

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