Sell Us Your Used Gear!

Sell Us Your Used Gear!

You want to sell it? We can buy it!

Gosselin is constantly on the lookout for good second-hand equipment our clients could enjoy! As for you, that's one way to save when upgrading to new gear.

To get an estimate for the value of your gear, simply fill out the form below. Your request will be taken care of by someone at Gosselin who will email or phone you.

Our evaluation is based on many criteria such as the market value for this or that equipment. Not all cameras are worth buying and their value will be influenced by the demand for a particular camera. The general condition also factors in, as we consider its visual appearance, whether it is in good working order, how broken in it is, and how many accessories are included.

Based on the information you provide, we will come up with an ESTIMATED value for your equipment. One of our technician still has to evaluate the camera or the equipment in person to confirm the estimate you have received. Once you receive an estimate, you should go to your closest Gosselin store with you equipment and a copy of the estimate we sent you. The estimate is valid for 14 days.


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