Simple & Quick Financing

Simple & Quick Financing

Financement simple et rapideGosselin offers simple and quick in-store and online financing thanks to Desjardins’ Accord D program (Equal instalment financing – with interest).

Accord D is a quick and flexible financing option.

  • It is a second credit limit on your Desjardins credit card.
  • It does not affect your current limit.
  • The interest rate is different than the one on your card.
  • Payments are done on a monthly basis (based on your Desjardins card statement date), leaving the loan open to be paid in full or partially before term without any penalty.

 If you already have a Desjardins credit card, an Accord D limit is already available. The transaction will be as simple as when you are using your credit card.

If you do not have a Desjardins credit card, you can apply in store and get an approval in minutes.

Legal note

Legal notice Subject to the approval of Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec (“Desjardins”). All annual interest rates indicated are subject to change. The “Equal instalment financing” offer allows the customer to use a credit card issued by Desjardins (“the Card”) to pay for purchases through equal and consecutive monthly instalments. The annual interest rate of not more than 19.9% set at the time of purchase will apply to such purchases. Equal monthly payments are included in the minimum payment due on the credit card. If the minimum payment is not paid in full by the due date, an annual interest rate of not more than 19.9% will apply to the unpaid instalment.

There is a 21-day, interest-free grace period on the card from the date the monthly statement is mailed or from the date it is made available in electronic format during which the account may be settled without paying additional credit charges, except on cash advances and cheques. The minimum card payment is either 2% or 5% (depending on which card is chosen) of the total of: the balance shown on the account statement for the previous period; credit charges on unpaid purchases and monthly instalments; regular purchases, cash advances and cheques during the statement period and credit charges on cash advances and cheques. To those are added: monthly instalment(s) for the statement period, deferred payment purchases for which payment is due on the statement date, past due amounts and any other amounts provided for in the card contract. Credit card available without membership or renewal fees. See details in store. Information effective on 10/12/2019.

Examples of credit charges

The annual interest rate may be applicable to a current purchase, an equal payment purchase, a deferred payment purchase, an equalized installment purchase, or multiple equal installments.