Travel Photography

Durée: 3 heures     |     Coût: 65 $

This class allows a novice photographer to take better images while on vacation. Rules of composition are covered, as well as how to prepare and set a camera for certain situations. We also explain how to shoot in various countries according to their particular environments. This class is for any photographer, amateur or beginner, using any type of camera (compact, hybrid, bridge, or DSLR).

Topics Covered

  • Composition techniques:
    - Rule of thirds
    - Theory of negative space
    - Composition of lines
    - Focusing on the subject
    - Importance of foreground
  • Move away from full automatic mode:
    - The most useful scene modes and how to use them
    - Learning to wait for the right moment
    - Polarizing filters
    - Correcting the effects of backlit photography
    - Ambient light photography
    - Elements that threaten the camera
    - Image storage and archival

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